The real estate market is shifting due to the higher rate environment, and as a result, it is producing some positive benefits for potential home buyers. The good news with this shift is that buyers can have choices with their real estate transactions. Does a buyer focus on the sales price or does the buyer focus on the interest rate.

I wanted to put this video together for potential buyers and sellers to rethink some strategies they might think would yield positive results for them. But, as you will find out, the results are the exact opposite of what you might think about purchasing or selling real estate, especially if you use financing to obtain that asset.


The shift is allowing buyers to be strategic with their offers which can yield massive benefits to affordability. I want to focus on the Seller By Down to help you; this will enable me to structure financing to reduce rate, which reduces payment and increases affordability. But, it needs to be set up correctly on the purchase contract and internally within the bank so that it doesn't trigger predatory and high-cost lending laws.

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I help families create a game plan with their finances. I understand that everyone doesn't have perfect credit or a large down payment, and or has a different timeline to retire.

My offer to you and your family is to create a game plan that is built on your needs, goals, credit, and assets for that new purchase or refinance.